River safety tips for your kids this summer!

Well the weather has recently indicated that it is time to start messing about on the water again. With that in mind here are a few tips to follow for children playing in or near the river in the coming months.

Tip 1: Just don’t do it

Try to persuade children to stick to pools, Lido’s and anywhere that is supervised where water is concerned.

Tip 2: Supervision

If you must go down to the river with children, or young people, always ensure that someone responsible is keeping an eye on them at all times.

Tip 3: Hidden dangers

Never jump, or dive into the river, the water’s depth may vary and there can be unseen hazards, making jumping in extremely dangerous.These hazards can include currents and reeds, both of which can pull an unsuspecting swimmer under.

Tip 4: Beware the weir

Never go in near locks, weirs, pipes, locks, or sluices. These and some other water features are particularly linked to strong currents. The water can also contain other unseen hazards associated with these structures.

Tip 5: It’s cold, really cold!

Inland waters can be very cold no matter how warm the weather. Those going into cold water can get cramp and experience breathing difficulties very quickly.

Russell Robson, waterways operations team leader for the Environment Agency said “One of the main risks is cold-water shock, which can have a dramatic effect on your body, such as causing you to breathe in water, make your muscles weaken, and can even cause your heart to go into abnormal rhythms, ultimately resulting in death.”

Tip 6: Beware the boat!

If you’re swimming in a river, boaters – especially on larger boats – can find it very hard to spot and therefore avoid swimmers. Wear a bright swim cap and keep tucked into the river banks.



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