What has happened over the Lockdown at The Henley Boating Company

Jim was on ITV

Jim was on ITV As some of you might have already seen, Captain Jim took to the river (well next to it at least) and was interviewed by ITV. Even though the subject of the interview was not a pleasant one(discussing the Lockdown and the troubles it has brought to tourism), it was a great opportunity for us to get outside for our 5 minutes of fame (less actually, but oh well.)

See the full interview here.

In the interview, Jim spoke about the difficulties of not being able to operate the Henley Boating Company under the Lockdown measure.


We missed the River

As we have mentioned before (and will be a running theme for this blog post) we have missed the river so much. Jim especially, not only from a business point of view but also from a personal one. The river is our life and we miss it every day.

Hundreds of dog walks

The Lockdown, however difficult, has not been all negative. The amount of dog walks we have been on has doubled and we feel so honored and privileged to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Arielle (seen in the picture below) has especially enjoyed walks along the river and even though she herself misses boat life, she definitely has been enjoying the attention.

Ducks took to social distancing

One of the biggest positives of the river and life around it is the wildlife. Whether it’s Swans, fish or mischievous ducks, there is a lot of amazing things to see along the river Thames. You can even witness wildlife joining in on the social distancing.

We lived in hope ….

As the lockdown progressed, we have missed the boat and river life… A lot. Jim has walked past the boat every day waiting for his moment to get back aboard and do boaty things again.

… Then we finally had our moment!

Even though we might not be able to hire our boat out this year or even do small charters, we have been so privileged to be able to get out on the boat ourselves. That moment of joy whilst you glide down the river had finally arrived.

We cannot wait to be open and fully operational as soon as possible. However, for the time being, we will keep you posted on life down by the Thames. See you soon folks.

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