Meet Jim – Our Founder & Captain

About Jim

Jim is the founder and head captain at Henley Boating Company. He has lived in the Henley area his whole life and is an expert at navigating the Thames. His love of water is life-long and has always been into nature and wildlife.

He describes being on a boat like being in your own nature documentary, Henley’s very own David Attenborough. Not only does Jim know the area extremely well but he also knows the waters, being able to navigate quickly and safely are key to any boat charter.

Here are some questions that Jim gets asked on a regular basis and that will help you get to know him a little better.

How long have you had the boat for and is it your first?

I have had the Olympic for 3 years, but have had a number of boats before that. I do not relax easily, but 10 minutes on a boat, and I am completely chilled out.

What has been the highlight of working for the Henley Boating Company?

Just seeing people “get” the river and the perspective of seeing things from a boat. You can see the stress drain from them and they just relax. I suppose it is an unconscious form of mindfulness if that makes sense.

What are your thoughts and ambitions for the company?

To continue giving really high quality and luxury tours to people and share this wonderful natural resource that we have.

What is next for the Henley Boating Company?

I may get another boat to add to the fleet if the wife lets me.

How did you find Lockdown & how have you bounced back?

It has been devastating for this year, but I am putting plans in place for next year.

When can people expect HBC to re-open?

That is a great question. I am hoping the next government update that will potentially bring distancing down to 1 meter may be the signal to start again, but I must abide by the rules, so watch this space.


What are your favourite 3 trips to do along the Thames? – With this one, we can include videos/images of the regatta. 

Henley – Sonning

Henley – Marlow

The Henley Regatta course and temple island


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